Why Mamacouture?

                                         Coz' We are obsessed with Moms! 😊

Moms make up the Universe!
Moms-to-be, New-Moms or Experienced Moms!
Pls watch the First Brand Film, to show you WHY I started Mamacouture:
- It's coz I believe, that with 2 hearts beating inside YOU, pregnancy can only make you stronger.    


My Story:

I am Shradha Sud, the founder of Mamacouture.  I conceived & birthed “Mamacouture” when I was pregnant with my (human) baby, Shaina, in 2015.  It was like having twins, and she says the same today!

I was working as a corporate lawyer at that time, and with 13 years of experience behind me, I needed to be comfortable & dress my part.  Around my 5th month I certainly needed clothes according to my changing body. Sadly, I found absolutely no stylish & comfy maternity clothes in India that catered to our specific body size & shape & lifestyle.

I then started Mamacouture, with my first lovely hire – Shagun, a NIFT fashion designer. For the first month we both studied the Indian / Asian women body during pregnancy & post at the library of NIFT, Delhi and only then we got down to creating magic.

As this was created from my personal experience, our first creation was a classic Maternity Black Pants. Since 2015, we have manufactured over thousands of pieces of just this masterpiece and am proud that it’s still one of our bestsellers.

After maternity, we added the Nursing collection in 2017 with #handsfree nursing dresses & tops being the moto, and the new-moms just love it! In 2019, we launched expertly designed post partum pants to tackle the mummy tummy, and we are grateful for its success J!

I am thrilled and proud that we are a MAKE IN INDIA venture. We are focused specially on moms and we make clothes that women love themselves in & flaunt their bumps!

Keep Celebrating the Bump!


Shradha Sud