Handsfree Nursing = Good Breastfeeding Experience

Handsfree Nursing = Good Breastfeeding Experience

When we set out to innovate the breastfeeding experience for more comfort for the breastfeeding mom, we also created the most user friendly, technically designed, & advanced styles one could ask for!     

PRO TIP: Choose what fits into your lifestyle, & makes you happy FIRST.

Choosing the right clothes will make life easier. TRUST US MOMS!

Some tips for picking out nursing wear:

  1. Avoid tops / dresses with hooks, zips, buttons, or tie -ups.(They can scratch or hurt the very delicate and sensitive skin & soft gums of a newborn baby. 
  2. Concealed zips are a NO-NO. 
  3. Choose breathable fabric and not too long as it could get hot and suffocating for the feeding baby under all the fabric.
  4. Dark & solid covers make for a perfect choice. (Leak stains aren't too visible). Also that they can be accessorized and hence add versatility to the wardrobe is an added advantage!!
  5. Layering your clothes is a great option.

Now lets see what should be on your list:

  1. MEET THE HERO: The Humble Nursing Brapreferable to have a slip on & off, should have broad straps, deep front opening to cross pull & feed, broad back for good support & posture, cotton + stretch, openings to insert washable pads, no wires.   
  2. MUST HAVE Nursing nightwear: Second after the nursing bra, the next most essential item would be comfortable nursing nightwear. It’s important to sleep comfortably while having the advantage of feeding the baby in the middle of night easily and effortlessly. 
  3. Flap access: Invest in tops /dresses with a flap access, the baby can be easily fed on lifting the flap and through the slits (Without too much skin revealing such designs allow for very discreet feeding.)   
  4. Front-cross wrap Nursing tops/ dresses: Our Fav kind! The front-cross wrap style is perfect for anytime - anywhere breastfeeding.  With easy access to the breast by simply pulling over the front wrap the baby
  5. Pull-down tees/ dresses: Look for tees/ camis or dresses which allow for a neckline access by simply pulling aside the neck or down to reach the breast. 
  6. Button down design or front opening: Simple and an easily available design is the button-down shirt or dress.  
  7. Nursing cape: Apart from the nursing styles discussed above, some moms may add on a nursing cover for added privacy while feeding in the presence of another.

Style and comfort can go hand in hand, so choose what works best for you! 

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