The Tummy Control Pants YOU NEED NOW

The Tummy Control Pants YOU NEED NOW

Looking for post-partum tummy control pants for the loose muscle? YES PLS!

Our Definition of Mummy Tummy:  “a new moms tummy which is now in a new shape, size & design, as gifted by the gods.” :-)

The mummy tummy is a serious matter for many. So we decided to offer an innovative, smart & intelligent solution to this problem.

We took our top-seller track pants and added a 360 degree core support waist, to support & strengthen the back and core muscles after delivery. These are a tummy control miracle pants.

Try them for yourself - The Tummy Control Pants - for all tummies, not just for a mummy tummy.  

 Being a MOM myself, I know the struggle is real. 

So I made The Tummy Control Pants for ALL Women, who would like a little support to control their tummy, just like I needed!  

For most of us, after delivery, and many long years later also - the exttrraaaaa belly is irritating. 

I am talking about most of us ....  who probably get comfortable with it too, but it would be helpful if clothes are made with us MOMs in Mind.

 Go on, Try One, you will love it! 


  • Mansha

    Dear team,

    I received a pant which is higher than my neck.I want to return it kindly advise on return policy.

  • Suja

    Want to knw more on the pant

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