The MOM'S Hospital Bag

The MOM'S Hospital Bag

Mamacouture's Must-Have List for every MOM's Hospital Bag

Close to due date? Excitement levels now must know no bounds.

Packing the hospital bag is the next fun to-do on the list.

PRO TIP : Keep the Mama & Baby's bags separate. 

Take it from experienced moms, new mamas require a whole lot more attention & care in the initial hours and days post-delivery. The right clothes, right creams, right food, comfort and most of all lots of love & care.  A happy and well rested & cared for mama can only be capable of taking good care of a new born. 

We are sure, by now you know what to pack for the baby.

So we focus on YOU:

  1. Important hospital papers;
  2. 2-3 comfortable change of nursing clothes / breastfeeding clothes to wear post delivery in the hospital;
  3. 2-3 soft cotton handsfree nursing bras.
  4. Overbelly Panties - to avoid sensitive tummy; 
  5. Disposable Panties + Sanitary pads (as you do not wish to spoil your pretty lingerie with the post delivery aftermath!!)
  6. Lip Balm  + NIpple Cream (labour & delivery and the breastfeeding can leave one feeling dehydrated leading to chapped lips and / or Nipples)
  7. Soft non-skid slippers (and/ or socks to keep warm in winters)
  8. Feeding pillow (it helps keep the back & posture upright when feeding the baby, alleviating future back problems from feeding in poor sitting postures)
  9. Your own bath towel.
  10. Toiletries, especially stocked with the good smelling bath wash, shampoo and moisturiser.
  11. Hairbrush & Make up kit (stock with your basics for sure). It sure feels nice to dress up even if supremely uncomfortable with the post-delivery recovery.
  12. A pretty going-home outfit, Sunscreen & sunglasses (remember the pictures taken last a lifetime!)
  13. Music dock; for who doesn’t enjoy a nice tune.
  14. Last but not least, your camera phone (with chargers) to capture all those wonderful pre and post delivery pictures in the hospital. They will have a fun story to tell all later!!

 OF COURSE don't forget the BABY BAG!!! :-)

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