The Maternity Clothing Debate: Buy or Not to Buy!

The Maternity Clothing Debate: Buy or Not to Buy!

The answer is Buy! Does not have to be an entire wardrobe to replace your current pre-pregnancy one, but atleast some essential style pieces to keep your style game on even during pregnancy without compromising on comfort.  Also simply because a woman needs to dress up even when pregnant or should we say ESPECIALLY when pregnant!! 

New Body = New Rules : Isn’t that the basic rule for clothes selection? Especially when considering that in pregnancy so many things need to be taken care of when choosing the outfit on a daily basis!
Our experience (both personal and customer feedbacks) tell us, when selecting the outfit for the day, every mom-to-be looks for:

  • Comfort (#1)
  • Fabric quality (soft gentle non-itchy & breathable)
  • Good stretch in the garment allowing room for the growing pregnancy body without feeling tight & constricted
  • Cuts & fits to flatter the new pregnancy body shape
  • Ease to wear the outfit given how unwieldy the body can get
  • Longevity of the outfit; should last through all trimesters & beyond into post pregnancy
  • For some it is also the ease & comfort of later having the option to nurse whenever or wherever the baby demands
  • Last but not the least the style aspects of the outfit, as latest research reveals “Pregnancy’s a time to Look & Feel Great”!!
Regular clothes from even the best fashion brands just can’t match all these specific requirements into one garment, without it looking ill fitting, shabby & so unflattering.  With properly tailored maternity wear, designers make them with extra fabric & details that keep you comfortable while meeting all the above requirements, like stretchy belly panels, empire waist ties, easy slip-on styles, etc & all the while flattering your new body curves. 
So why hesitate to keep your body from feeling good & looking good in pregnancy? Embrace the new mommy body in style & comfort as you would have pre-pregnancy too.  After all IT IS another occasion in life to dress up for….an occasion which lasts beyond 9 months!  
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