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Taking Care in COVID-19 days.

While there’s still a lot unknown about the virus or how exactly it affects the pregnant and their babies, we have tried to research as much data from various sources online as well as speaking to a Gynaec Mom to put together answers to some common concerns. Please note this information while based on reliable online sites, is based on data collected & conclusions drawn from limited sample cases witnessed worldwide.  Goes without saying, please finally consult with your own doctor as a final precaution:
  1. THE MOST Important precaution is to practice excellent hand hygiene by frequently washing hands with soap & water for atleast 20 seconds.
  2. DO NOT touch your Eyes, Nose and Mouth at all times, especially when out of the house.
  3. Sneeze and cough into a tissue that you discard immediately, or into your elbow, to avoid making others sick. Follow same hygiene practices for all family & friends around you.
  4. Hydration and adequate rest also are important in maintaining the health of your immune system
  5. Maintain Social Distancing & avoid unnecessary social interactions with people. Particularly, stay away from large gatherings such as weddings, parties, conferences, etc. Postpone the babyshower too. #flattenthecurve.   
  6. If you just have to step out to public spaces, avoid touching hand & stair railings and common public surfaces. Where possible, wear surgical gloves to handle trolleys & grocery items on shelf. Keep hand sanitisers handy for when soap & running water not available (with atleast 60% alcohol).   
  7. On reaching home or dealing with a doorstep delivery, immediately wash hands to get rid of any possible germs.
  8. You do not need to wear a mask…it does not protect even the healthiest from Coronavirus.
  9. Avoid travel/ babymoons for the moment given the far reaching spread of the virus & current travel restrictions being exposed. Plan a staycation if you really must at a nearby destination, which can be reached by road in the safety of your own car.
  10. If still working from office, make sure to keep a good distance from the next work colleague and wipe down your desk before sitting to the job.
  11. Pregnant women have altered immune systems; so they are at a mildly higher risk to catch infections than an average healthy person, especially if they have underlying health conditions such as diabetes, respiratory issues, etc.
  12. While there is no vaccine currently available, do check with your doctor and get a flu shot to prevent getting the flu, which in turn could compromise the immunity of someone who is pregnant.
  13. There is no evidence currently to suggest that an infected mother can pass it on to her baby in the womb or on delivery.
  14. Some experts are cautioning to separate the infected/ suspected mom and her newborn till she recovers & not BF the baby in these days. Another lot is however saying they can BF the babies but should only do so after washing themselves well and wearing a face mask.
  15. Ensure you have a backup plan in place in the remote possibility you (or your partner) contract the new coronavirus after you give birth.
All in all…Limit your exposure Limit Your Risk! 
A lot’s unknown on how COVID19 affects the pregnant & their babies. We’ve researched data from various online sources & spoken to a Gynae Mom to put together some precautions for our preggy & new moms. Below info’s based on limited sample cases seen worldwide. Please finally consult ur own doc for precautions:
  1. MOST Important: Follow excellent hand hygiene; frequently wash hands with soap for min 20 secs.
  2. DON’T touch Eyes, Nose & Mouth, especially when out.
  3. Sneeze & cough into a tissue & discard immediately; follow same hygiene practice with all around you.
  4. Improve immunity by having Vitamin C, staying hydrated & well rested.
  5. Keep Social Distancing & avoid unnecessary social interactions & large gatherings. Postpone the babyshower too.
  6. If you must step out, avoid touching railings & common public surfaces. Wear gloves to handle trolleys & shelf items. Keep hand sanitisers handy with min 60% alcohol. Once home, immediately wash hands. Masks don’t protect even the healthiest from COVID19.
  7. Avoid travel/babymoons. Plan a staycation nearby if u really must reachable by road in own car.
  8. If still going to work, maintain good distance from all colleagues & wipe down ur desk area.
  9. Pregnant women are at a mildly higher risk to catch infections cos of their altered immune systems; especially if they have any underlying health conditions.
  10. While no vaccine is currently available, check with your doc for a flu shot to prevent any FLU, which in turn could compromise ur immunity in these times.
  11. Currently evidence doesn’t suggest an infected mom can infect her baby. Stay calm.
  12. Some experts advise separating infected/suspected mom & newborn till recovery & to not BF. Others however say they can BF but with a mask & after washing themselves.
  13. Have a backup plan for any remote chance of a family member contracting COVID19 after baby’s delivery.
  14. Keep doc checkups regular. Incase of recovery from the infection, its recommended to be closely monitored for some weeks.
Limit Your Exposure-Limit Your Risk! 
Take Care, Stay Home and Stay Safe.  
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