Pregnant on a Vacation: Tips to travel smart & safe!

Pregnant on a Vacation: Tips to travel smart & safe!

Holidays are upon us & friends around are gearing up for exciting vacations. How about our pregnant moms?

Travel & pregnancy are not mutually exclusive!!

We have some tips to share to help make travelling while pregnant easy & comfortable.  Experienced mommas do add in your tips too in the comments below!

Tips for Travelling when Pregnant

  • Pack Plenty Snacks (preferably high in protein & fats-avoid unhealthy carbs). Keep these on you at ALL times. You definitely don't want to start feeling drained or get those acidity attacks while touring your favourite places. 
  • Drink lots of Water - Hydration is key through pregnancy. Ironically, the more water consumed, lesser the chances of water retention! Also hydration keeps the stamina going and avoids any cramps. 
  • Keep a flexible & light itenary. Don't be fixated on doing it all and everything on this trip. Go with the flow, relax and enjoy this babymoon before life goes crazy for some months. Call it pre delivery rejuvenation :) 
  • Let people help: flight attendants, fellow passengers, cab drivers. Enjoy the special treatment while at it 😉
  • Pick destinations you are sure are safe for you & baby with respect to availability of advanced medical care and food & water standards.  Avoid street foods & foods notorious for causing upset tummies.
  • If travelling to a warm destination, don’t forget a sun hat & sunscreens, when pregnant the sun may not be friendly to your body.  Also, don’t forget the Plenty of Water.  
  • Always have your meds on you in person, especially for anti-nausea, constipations, diarrhea, headaches.
  • Listen to your Body! If it asks to slow down or take the day off…pay heed. You (& the baby) need taking care of… besides you will feel more energized for the next day.
  • Again, don’t stand/ walk for long periods of time, as it can be hard on your muscles & tire the body quicker. Take regular rests.
  • If flying, take regular strolls to stretch the body.  Even for car travels, it is advisable to take regular stops to stretch those cramped legs & strained back. Hence, opt for Aisle seats & close to the exits. Where possible upgrade! 
  • When packing or for travel, keep up your fashion statement but in comfortable cute maternity clothes.  Also open footwear is advisable to allow for swellings.
  • Keep the luggage minimum, especially if travelling solo, as lifting heavy objects isn’t advisable when pregnant.  On flights try keeping the carry-on light too.  
  • If travelling by road in India, be careful of where you take your loo breaks as in pregnancy UTI can be common

 Any other tips for our preggy mamas? 

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