Pregnancy Must Have's by Trimester

Pregnancy Must Have's by Trimester

First time preggy mamas are usually unsure on when to start purchasing clothes for their pregnancy as it can be difficult to gauge how the body will grow in the initial months.

Besides, only once a pregnancy progresses can one assess their comfort gear.

Based on our experience of dressing bumps over so many years, we have arrived at the following pregnancy favourites by trimester.

Refer our piece onMust Haves in your Pregnancy Wardrobe’ to further help guide you when creating the perfect maternity wardrobe.

First Trimester comforts

For most, at this stage there is no weight gain and the need for pregnancy clothing is nil to minimal.  However, if you are starting to find it uncomfortable to have clothes resting on the tummy, underbelly styled basics and/ or dresses can be considered.

  • Underbelly styled bottoms, ie bottoms which sit under the tummy/ belly bump on the hip. Mamacouture favourites here are our underbelly leggings and pyjamas, shorts and the palazzos.

These same bottoms can be worn through pregnancy and then again later post delivery.



  • Shifting to Maternity Dresses from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe is a good alternative at this stage. Dresses are free flowing and don’t constrict the body in any way. In case you don’t own one, then consider investing in a good maternity dress.  Most brands of maternity dresses come with nursing openings increasing its wearability till post pregnancy, enabling new mamas to be well dressed and feed on go when stepping out with their babies.

Second Trimester comforts

By now the pregnancy bump has started to grow and starts to be visible for most by the end of this trimester. 

Whether or not the bump is visible, there is discomfort in wearing regular non-maternity bottoms.  We suggest investing in 1-2 pieces of the following to keep you comfortable yet smartly dressed for any occasion.

Favourites from Mamacouture: Mamacouture Bottoms Collection 😊





  • At this stage, in addition to the maternity bottoms, one could also consider investing in 1 or 2 maternity & nursing tops for utmost comfort, as ‘maternity’ tops are roomy and super soft without appearing oversized & ill-fitting.

Favourites from Mamacouture: Must own versatile wear Pregnancy & Feeding Tops.

Available in 4 colors, they are designed with a concealed nursing opening for dual use in pregnancy and then again in nursing/ post pregnancy days. These remain an all-time favourite through pregnancy. 


Favourites from Mamacouture: The Little Black Dress and the Live-in Pregnancy & Feeding Midi Dresses.


Third trimester comforts

This is the stage when one puts on maximum weight and maximum discomfort is felt.

If you haven’t shopped yet, then can start now for sure.  Offering maximum comfort and style, technically designed maternity wear is now not a luxury but a definite need in pregnancy.

We recommend investing in a few maternity essentials (if you haven’t yet purchased anything) which are thoughtfully designed for everyday 9to9 wear.  Keep a look out for pieces that can transition into nursing and/ or post pregnancy wear too increasing the wear of the garments for you.

  • Definitely own a pair of leggings, track pants and regular pants. These can be over belly or under belly depending upon your comfort. These 3 pieces will comfortably get you through your last leg of pregnancy with their versatility & easy styling. 
  • Night wear with feeding options is a great choice at this stage. Stay comfortable in the last weeks of pregnancy in roomy clothing which last beyond into the fourth trimester. Lounge/ Sleep wear are perfect for hospital days.

Favourites from Mamacouture: Essential Pregnancy & Feeding Nighty


  • By now pre pregnancy tops & dresses can start getting tight around the bust and arms especially, and wearing oversized hubby’s tshirts while cute isn’t really the smartest outfit 😊 If investing in some maternity dresses and/ or nursing tops choose those that come with concealed feeding openings, to continue wearing them in nursing/ post pregnancy period too.


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