Pregnancy getting Overwhelming? Let’s de-stress!

Pregnancy getting Overwhelming? Let’s de-stress!

Pregnancy is a mixed bag of emotions with its constant highs and lows taking its toll. 

Feeling overwhelmed and then stressing out is but natural since the mind is overworked from dealing with the changing hormones, mood swings, bodily changes, physical discomfort experienced, fear of the upcoming unknown, organizing for the coming baby, all the advice pouring in, preparing for changes to your own lifestyle, balancing home & office, etc etc…!!

The list goes on!! Relatable? :) 

So while some of this stress and feeling anxious & overwhelmed is part of the deal, a lot of it can be handled and kept at bay.



We have tried to list some steps here to help you cope with this “too much to handle” feeling & allowing yourself to have a happy, relaxed pregnancy:

  1. Laughter is said to be best medicine, for good reasons.  It triggers healthy physical & emotional changes in the body, boosts mood, reduced pain sensations. Did you know a good hearty laugh relieves physical tension hence relaxing the body muscles for upto 45 minutes!! So don't forget to keep that smile shining on & the laughter lines growing.    
  2. Ensure you get a regular dose of the outside world, a change in scenario to distract your mind and take it away from all the stress causing activities. If you can't step out for physical or other reasons, have your friends, family visit you!!! Have a chat, laugh a lot, exchange stories and enjoy a break!!! 
  3. Stay physically active!!! If you already are a fitness freak, great!! For those who struggle with it, make sure you walk 30-40 minutes everyday or do some yoga and/ or stretches. Not only will this help you during delivery & in postpartum recovery, exercise is known to be a good mood lifter, pushing out the negative energy & improving focus. It energises the body & mind and so, alleviating the stress.   
  4. Eat well & drink plenty of water to stay energized, healthy & flush out toxins from the body. Again a very important tip to good moods and happy minds. 
  5. Maintain a journal/ record book of your pregnancy and the for baby to arrive, noting every milestone of mama & baby. This makes the heart feel love and light bringing a smile to the face naturally. Keep the excitement levels up and you will find your positive mindsets. 
  6. Similarly organizing things for and around the baby helps - make lists and take upon a task each day & get in the necessary help whenever possible. The sense of acheivement when ticking off a TO-DO is not only therapeutic but reduces the anxiety levels.  
  7. Get in more sleep & where possible take short naps to re-energise the tired pregnant body.
  8. Talk about what is stressing you out with your partner, doctor, friends and family. Talking helps even if they can't help you. But usually communication is always relaxing for the mind & soul  for who knows, talking it out together with everyone could lead to finding a solution to your stress.
  9. Always stay comfortable. Be it your clothes, footwear, temperature of the room around you, what you eat, etc. Discomfort adds a subconscious level of stress without us realising it. 
  10. If you have a 9-5 day job, pull in all the help from your colleagues & bosses. Discuss timelines & let them know your current physical limitations.  Knowing & clearing work related matters can help you plan your days & weeks ahead, know what's for you to handle & help keep you stress free on that front. 
  11. Listen to music. Can be your favourite playlist, meditative music, calm & soothing lullabies. Whatever eases your nerves and helps relax. Music is the best form of relaxation for the mind. 
  12. Cuddles time with the partner. Did you know a loving touch, foreplay, cuddles and kisses is a major stress reliever? Try it and we promise you will be feeling lighter & happier.  
  13. Over and above, take a moment out for some me time & get some self-indulgent pampering: Spa time, warm baths, salon visits, meditation.  Do read our blog post on slowing down to enjoy your pregnancy/ new born.

Have any other tips you could share with fellow preggers? 

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