Pregnancy Brains - Myth or Reality

Pregnancy Brains - Myth or Reality

Pregnancy Brains: A Myth or Reality?


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During pregnancy ever searched for sunglasses safely perched on your head?

Walked into a room & wondered why you there?

Found keys in the refrigerator?

Loaded the machine but didn’t press start?

Forgot if you shampooed once or twice?

Any of the above sound familiar from your pregnancy journey?

We believe what you are experiencing is a ‘pregnancy brain’!!   


Anxiety & feeling overwhelmed during pregnancy/ new mommyhood can cause some amount of stress, leading to absent mindedness or memory lapses for some.


These lapses of the brain can be tackled by some of these small actions in pregnancy. And NO, it doesn’t involve putting stickers on your belly or all over the house (though if it helps you by all means do so J )


However, don’t stress too much about it as it’s all very temporary (atleast in most cases)!! J

  • Sleep well & sleep more: a fresh & well rested brain is a sharper brain.
  •  Try mediation & avoid stress! Don’t be hard on yourself as stress clouds the brain even more.



  • Break down tasks; make a schedule & deal with each task separately rather than all together. Ideally share the load with family or friends.
  •  Prioritize tasks: A clearer head with clearer goals helps keep the focus; use the help of phone reminders, post-its, phone notes for listing the to-do & ideally do this prep a night before.


  • Stay prepared this phenomenon will continue into first weeks post-delivery too with the fatigue as caring for a new born can get daunting. So keep those tasks & schedules handy for reference by you or anyone helping out.


  • Last but most important... Don’t stress about the stress or beat yourself up about the memory lapses. It’s temporary & happens to most in trying & exhausting times; especially the pregnant! Remember, all these crazies make for the funnies stories to share later!!


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