Monochromatic styling for a slender chic pregnancy look

Monochromatic styling for a slender chic pregnancy look

Monochromatic styling for a slender chic pregnancy look


You may be pregnant or a new mama, but that surely doesn’t mean you have to lose your style quotient.  We all love to dress up & experiment with various looks.  Pregnancy is a great time to play with fashion, as pregnancy looks can be both cute and sassy classy at the same time.

A great style to experiment with in Pregnancy/ new mommy days is Monochromatic looks. It’s a great way to up the look in the days when most women feel stout & swollen. Dressing monochromatically can make one appear taller and slimmer because a monochromatic outfit creates one seamless line from head to toe. You just need to find the maternity pieces that work & make sure to keep it classy.



So what is a monochromatic look?

It’s simply creating a look/ outfit which consists of pieces of one colour.  Not necessarily the same colour tone, but can also be various tones, tints and shades of the same colour family.



Here are our quick tips to style Monochromatic Bump Looks :

  1. If new to the style, start simple. Select colours you like to wear & have been comfortable with. Once comfortable with the look, experiment with brighter & slightly more non-conventional colours.
  2. Select colours which compliment your skin type & hair. You don’t want the colour selection to make you look dull & pale.
  3. Struggling to get the look together? Place all outfits of the chosen colour palette before you on the bed & start pairing different shades & textures together till you finally get the look you can see yourself wearing, making sure to keep the look multidimensional & adding some visual interest. Sequins, ribbed, self-prints etc are some great options to play with when styling.
  4. When selecting pieces, achieve balance. If wearing a bulky maternity top keep the maternity bottoms sleek and vice versa.  You don’t want to look like the outfit consumed you but to make you look tall & lean.
  5. As you get more confident with the maternity styling, try adding in a touch of patterns or prints of the same colour palette to the look. Monochromatic styling doesn’t necessarily need to be made up of solid pieces as commonly understood.
  6. Don’t forget to accessorise with the right shoes (could be sneakers or glittery ballerinas) & bag which compliments (not clashes) the chosen colour palette for the Monochromatic look.
  7. If still struggling with the colour choice, we would recommend going with bright pastels for spring-summer and darker rich shades for fall-winter. Ofcourse colours like black, greys, whites are year round favourites. 

Happy bump styling !!

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