Let's talk about bras baby!!

Let's talk about bras baby!!


Coming out of lockdowns and quarantines, pretty much every woman has ditched the bra every once in a while.

Constricting, hot & sweaty, adding to shoulder & back discomfort when working from home, etc made every woman think before putting one on. Were you one of them too?  


Don’t blame you! for who likes those underwires digging into the rib cage or straps putting pressure on the shoulder or the feeling of the boobs being compressed under a bra cup!

But then again, if you are a breastfeeding mom or in your later stages of pregnancy, you may not be best served without a bra. What’s more, it’s possible you aren’t feeling that well supported or comfortable without the bra either.

And there is a reason for that!!

But then at the same time you are finding wearing the bras suffocating too. This is when we recommend the switch to maternity bras. Trust us, once you wear bras designed for maternity, the switch is instant. :)) 

Here’s why!

  1. Your pre-pregnancy bras will start feeling small and tight. The smaller cup sizes compress the breasts and can risk engorgement and mastitis (not saying it will definitely happen to you, but it’s known to be a factor).

Also the tighter straps and back strap give aches and pains in the neck, shoulder and upper back, a discomfort and complication you definitely don’t want to be dealing with in pregnancy. Besides, these pains then get aggravated post delivery in the nursing phase.

  1. In pregnancy, we all know comfort is KEY. You will already be realizing that when making the switch to maternity wear. Just the way you should invest in a good pair of maternity/ pregnancy pants to support the growing pregnancy bump, the growing breasts need the extra TLC too.

Maternity bras not only just offer the right support in a comfortable manner, but their fabric is also super soft, light and breathable making it suitable for sensitive & increased breast size, as experienced in the last trimester.  One you’ve experienced the comfort of a maternity bra, this piece will be retained in your wardrobe forever.


  1. Maternity bras (including feeding/ nursing bras) are designed especially for the stage of maternity in a woman’s life. Designed to be functional, high on utility & comfort, maternity bras are like choosing an outfit appropriate or right for a specific occasion, in this case being pregnancy.

As we always tell our customers, choose the ‘right bra for the moment you are living”. Similar to choosing a bra as per the top or dress you are going to wear, always consider the right bra for the special needs of a pregnancy body & later a breastfeeding body. 



  1. As mentioned earlier, maternity bras are designed for the functionality and comfort of a pregnant and nursing body, while providing the support & torso shape that is desired to give the pregnant mama a good confident look under her clothes, whether she may be breastfeeding or pregnant. 
  1. A key advantage to switching to maternity bras in pregnancy is it’s fabric. Typically maternity bras are made in soft cotton stretchy fabric to grow & accommodate the growing breast sizes, which doesn’t happen with regular bras. If possible, go for the non-underwired ones as they tend to have a soft stretchy under bust band which is gentle on the body and doesn’t constrict, thereby allowing good blood circulation. 


  1. A maternity bra is ergonomically designed with a wider bra frame than a regular bra. Since in pregnancy the breasts tend to enlarge, the extra support is required which the wide bra frames provide. They help hold the bra cups firmer and provide the right amount of support.
  2. As many pregnant & new moms may experience, with belly and breast sizes increasing in lactation, the centre of gravity of the body keeps changing. To help support the unwieldiness, supporting your breasts by wearing a bra will help make your posture better and probably ease the back pain that follows due to sagging breasts. 

  1. Furthermore, for a breastfeeding mother going bra less when lactating, could mean stains from leaky breasts on their clothes. Wearing a bra absorbs those leaks and for added protection disposable nursing breast pads can be used as inserts. Stained tops & dresses, can get awkward especially in front of outside company. 
  1. If you plan to or are breastfeeding, then a nursing bra, preferably handsfree nursing style, is a must for a happy and comfortable nursing experience. Just like maternity bras, nursing bras are designed for high function, utility & comfort of both mom and the baby. They are smartly designed to allow for quick nursing access without fumbling or adjusting clothes, bra attachments & nursing covers, especially when you are out and about with the baby. You definitely do not want the struggle to search for a feeding room or a hidden corner to feed your baby peacefully.


  1. Last but the not the least, maternity/ nursing bras will come most handy in the initial hours and days post delivery at the hospital and home. When the baby will be feeding on demand, it can get frustrating to constant be adjusting your bra. A handsfree nursing bra under your nursing will be your life saviour, and many months after too!  

Now that we have established the clear advantages & need to wear maternity bras when pregnant and definitely during breastfeeding days, let’s help you choose a good maternity bra & talk about it’s care.  

  1. Always always ensure to buy the correct bra size to avoid that tight cramped suffocated feeling in the chest area. Also wearing the correct size will help alleviate any neck, shoulder & upper back pain you may be experiencing from your regular bras. 
  1. Make sure to purchase 100% soft cotton bras with good stretch. Last stages of pregnancy & more often than not in breastfeeding, breasts gets sore and the nipples start to feel overly s In such situations, choosing the right fabric that is skin-friendly, breathable, lightweight & non-itchy are preferred. 


  1. During nursing days, breasts tend to leak the excess milk supply for some. Choosing a bra which is absorbent can be helpful to avoid staining your outer wear. If you prefer thinner fabrics, they may not be as absorbant, but then make sure to choose a design where it is easy for you to insert breast pads (washable or disposable). 
  1. Our recommendation is to go wireless!! Choose maternity bras with soft stretchy under bust bands. They are gentle on the skin while giving the adequate support & comfort and don’t dig into the rib cage or pinch against the tender lactating breasts (which isn’t the best to happen as it could effect the soft tissues and milk ducts of breastfeeding mom). 


  1. When selecting a maternity bra, we say go for the handsfree nursing style, with no buttons. Hooks or clasps. Simply slip it on and off like a tshirt!! This avoids the daily struggle to hook on a bra when you are already exhausted and avoids the discomfort of pokey attachments.

However, if you still prefer the traditional styles with hooks & buttons, then definitely go for front opening maternity bras, to avoid twisting your arms and waist just to wear them!

  1. Make sure to wash and change your maternity bras frequently. Lactating breasts tend to leak and get sweaty. Regular change and good wash is essential to maintain good breast hygiene.

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