How to shop your maternity wardrobe: Find your size and shop with confidence!

How to shop your maternity wardrobe: Find your size and shop with confidence!

Looking to shop for your maternity wardrobe but confused with sizes?

When pregnant, it’s common to be confused on what size to purchase, as one can’t ever be sure how much weight one will put on or how big the pregnancy bump can get in the weeks & months to come.

We have here tried to simplify this dilemma for you when it comes to shopping for maternity clothes. With a few simple rules & tips explained, the entire maternity shopping experience is sure to be easy & help you confidently pick your fav maternity outfit in the right size:

  1. Thumb Rule: Refer to pre-pregnancy sizes! A common misconception is to buy larger sized clothes. Good maternity brands have invested time in studying & understanding pregnancy bodies for size changes & typical weight gain areas. When designer maternity clothes brands design their garments, body parts where a woman tends to put on weight when pregnant is considered, along with choosing fabrics with good stretch to keep the pregnant lady comfortable up to the next size.



  1. Specifically at Mamacouture, our clothes are designed & tailored by experts with professional knowledge on maternity fashion. Our clothes are ergonomically designed to grow with your pregnancy bump through every trimester, keeping the expecting mama cool, comfortable & stylish. With this in mind our pregnancy clothes are cut larger on the bust, waist & hips areas. 

  1. When selecting maternity tops & maternity dresses from our collection, check the style & fall below the bust area. For flared empire styles, typically only the bust measure needs to be seen as below the bust is kept a free size to allow comfortable room for the growing pregnancy bump. 
  1. For more fitted styles such as bodycon dresses, the waist & hips would also need to be measured along with the length if it’s a short styled pregnancy dress.



  1. For selecting maxi dresses or long skirts for pregnancy, basis the “length” feature of the garment, start measuring from the waist right down to ankle. Waist is the area under the pregnancy bump. 
  1. When selecting maternity bottoms, there can be “Over the Bump” & “Underbelly” Styles. For the former, one can either measure around the fullest part of the pregnancy bump & then match the measurement to the size chart OR one can simply stick with pre-pregnancy waist sizes, considering most maternity bottoms are designed with stretchable waists. For eg; If pre-pregnancy size was 30 inches waist then choose size 30-34 inches in maternity sizes due to the extreme stretch in our maternity bottoms styles.


  1. An important feature when purchasing the Over the Bump style maternity bottoms is to note our customary “Fab-pouch”. When wearing these maternity bottoms, use this special pouch feature by wearing it all the way over the pregnancy bump for a snug comfort fit which offers support at the same time. 
  1. Same for “Underbelly” styles. If weight gain in pregnancy isn’t too much the hip measurement should be matched to our size chart, which is the area at the fullest part of your hips (approximately 20cm from your waist).
  2. Our final tip, if your measurement falls between two sizes, the safest bet would be to select the larger size in the maternity wear. This is purely dependent on your comfort levels in pregnancy.


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