Gift Guide for New Mommies

Gift Guide for New Mommies

Struggling to find the perfect gift for a new mommy?

How about some stylish & practical nursing wear? At Mamacouture we’ve drawn up a “Gift Guide” for a new mommy which she is sure to love.



Nursing Tops

A key piece of clothing for every new mom, nursing tops are comfortably styled for ease of breastfeeding whether on the move or on the home couch (see our blog on handsfree breastfeeding). A stylish outfit which makes the new mom feel beautiful while adding versatility to the postpartum wardrobe is sure to keep her heart warm. A smart gift choice as per us!


Choose from our handsfree nursing collection & gift the new mom a hassle-free & comfortable breastfeeding experience


Stylish Dresses

Finding the perfect silhouette for a postpartum body can sure get tricky.  Especially since there are very few options available in the market which are both nursing friendly & comfortable while also slaying the style quotient! Also fashionable dresses of these kinds tend to be a wee bit more pricey than regular nursing dresses and tops.


By gifting an ideal nursing dress (specially with the handsfree feature) to your new mama friend, you are sure to bring in the perfect delight factor into her nursing wardrobe. Here Mamacouture is proud of its fashionably comfortable range of handsfree nursing dresses, which make for chic postpartum wear too!

Keep her functionality comfortable in style!


Nursing Nighty

The thought of a feeding nighty floods one’s mind with visuals of those flowery printed, long ankle length free sized nighties, with front buttons for breastfeeding. While they may be functional and perhaps comfortable for some, what comes to our mind is “cumbersome” & so very “unflattering” to our gorgeous new mamas.

These new moms totally deserve to look beautiful & elegant while also being comfortable, well dressed without compromising on the outfits functionality!!  

This is when you as a friend can gift her some TLC with Mamacouture’s hands-free feeding nighties!! Beautifully designed to flaunt & compliment a postpartum body, while being high on function and comfort for the new mama. The handsfree nursing feature allows the mom to easily feed the new born by simply pulling aside the concealed nursing opening without the hassles of managing hooks, buttons or side zips. Made in soft cotton with a lace trim, tailored in an A-line dress style, the new mom is sure to feel & look good when hanging out at the hospital and even when home wearing this night dress.


To make the experience even more convenient & happy for her, throw in a handsfree nursing bra. It will just up her breastfeeding days allowing her to focus on the baby & bond as a mother rather than be focusing on the a slipping nursing cover, pokey attachments touching her sensitive breast or the baby’s skin.


Keep it comfortable for her and encourage a happier breastfeeding experience for both mom and baby!!

Ready for the best part: both these pieces can be worn by her from her pregnancy days well into postpartum nursing days!!


Comfy bottoms

Every nursing mom would be delighted to own a comfort piece of postpartum bottoms which are casual chic while allowing for postpartum recovery. Mamacouture has the perfect solution with its everyday trendy comfortable maternity track pants  or the underbelly styled PJ’s.

The smartly designed foldable fabpouch, these maternity track pants make for extremely comfortable gym wear for her postpartum exercises, holding the postpartum belly firmly in place! Super soft fabric & stylish fit, gift her these & she is sure to love them for months ahead!


Found this helpful? Do drop in a comment which of the above items you would love to have been gifted as new mom yourself :) 



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