Enjoy your Pregnancy Free from Cliches!

Enjoy your Pregnancy Free from Cliches!

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase to be celebrated and is not an illness!!

So every expecting mama, Celebrate the Bump, share the joy and continue doing all you love.

After all a happy mamma = a happy baby!!

Mamacouture shares and supports every mommies beautiful journey of creating life at every stage, so dump these clichés and enjoy the pregnancy:

Stop work?

NAY!! We say dress that bump and take it to work.  For only an active mind and body keeps the IQ/EQs well stimulated, something which is supremely important for you and your growing baby!

Don’t exercise?

We say get on your workout gear and keep that pregnant body fit and healthy.

A healthy mom makes a healthy baby. Its medically proven exercise in pregnancy aids in delivery and keeps the body and mind healthy and active.

Don’t party/ Avoid going out!

HAH! Who are those stylish maternity party dresses for then? We say Slay it mommy! Dab on some make-up, slip into those party shoes and dance the night away! Letting loose with a few laughs is great exercise for the mind and soul!


No to travel

But why? Travel is Therapy for the Soul! So don’t wait - pack your bags and enjoy the perfect babymoon. It may be the last for a while (travelling with a new born may not be the easiest) so use this time to get in some hubby cuddles and ofcourse, few hours of retail therapy did no one any harm!

Pregnancy=oversized boring clothes

At Mamacouture we debunk this notion! Read our piece on it? Pregnancy means a different kinda fashion which only the moms-to-be get to exclusively enjoy!! Have Fun, Flaunt and Feel Good in pregnancy wear per your style quotient and re-create your chic wardrobe. 


Drop Black

SAY WHAATTT again?? Black is Sexy; Black is Chic; Black is the Color of THE LBD! Get your Chic on and Celebrate the bump.


Honour your freedom, keep it free from stereotypes, prejudices & cliches!

Enjoy & Celebrate the Bump! 

Do you have any myths & cliches related to pregnancy, nursing & postpartum that you wish to bust here? We wait for your comments :)  


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