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Importance of maternity clothes

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Why Maternity Clothes?
Many of us ask or are asked this question.

Our Answer: An emphatic WHY NOT?

PREGNANCY – it is THE MOST precious journey for every woman (well almost every woman!!)… why not dress up now when we do for other occasions? With changing body shape & crazy hormones (newest best friends now!!) it helps to stay in high spirits & good clothes are a sure shot mood lifter!

Feel good factor aside, it’s important to recognize maternity clothes are technically studied & designed for a pregnant body which regular oversized clothes can’t achieve. Here’s how:

  • Women’s body types tend to differ across geographies. The physical construct of bodies across the world vary considerably. South-East Asians are typically genetically of thin construct and not voluptuous while the European ladies tend not to have very wide hip bones. Indian women are mostly blessed with wide hips & buttocks!! Hence when pregnant, each of these women’s pregnant bodies grow differently too. So styles & sizes suited to them naturally are different and hence not necessarily a good fit for us Indian women. Local brands of maternity wear would take care of these small body nuances for the Indian pregnant woman & resultantly give better options and maternity style looks.

  • It is said that the pregnancy belly grows about 14”-16” during the course of the full pregnancy when measured from top of the uterus to the belly button. Further some women carry their belly low while others carry it high hence giving the belly and body different shapes during the course of the pregnancy.

    When maternity clothes are designed, the space for the growing belly is considered, without the outfit looking oversized. The clothes are cut & stitched in keeping with these belly’s measurement and not like regular clothes. If wearing a larger sized top or dress, one will notice that the same will tend to ride up from the front because of the lack of space in the apparel to accommodate the belly growth.

  • The biggest clothes struggle tends to be lowers/ trousers/ jeans during pregnancy. The usual problem is that pre-pregnancy bottoms get uncomfortable early for two reasons. For one, they start to sit-on the pregnant tummy & press against it. Other than worrying that the tummy is being uncomfortably squished, tight fits on the belly can for some women lead to heart burns, acid reflux & digestion discomforts. These discomforts are common in pregnant women anyway because of the hormonal changes.

    The other problem with tight lowers is that they also get too fitted around the hips/ thighs and crotch area which is not advisable at this time as the pregnant body should be kept comfortable and cool so as to not lead to any rashes or infections. Maternity lowers are designed such that they are either under the belly hence leaving the belly uncovered or they have a “Fabpouch” which ride over the growing belly to support it without pressing on it. Owing to the “flexible waist” of maternity lowers they adjust to the growing belly and hip area without getting uncomfortably tight, hence not requiring any upsizing of clothes.

    Our ancestors have always advocated wearing comfortable and cool clothing for the body to breathe & prevent bacterial growth/ rashes from tight fitting & non-natural fibre clothing. This was probably bearing in the mind the Indian weather which for most parts of the year is hot mixed with humid in certain areas. This advice hence becomes most relevant in pregnancy! When designing maternity clothes, these aspects are paramount without compromising on the style & fashion quotient, as care is taken to keep the body & especially the belly area comfortable & cool.

  • Many maternity clothes are now designed with the option to facilitate breastfeeding too. Various breastfeeding styles which allow feeding the baby while on the move are available. These allow new moms the comfort of smart clothes without worrying about feeding the baby when outside the comfort of their homes. Maternity clothing with breastfeeding options increases their utility.

    Last but not a point to be missed is that every woman (pregnant or not) can always do with some good retail therapy!!! With all the mood swings, hormonal changes and stress about the “new upcoming” baby, shopping for a good comfortable stylish smart maternity wardrobe is a great mood lifter. No one wishes to be dressed drab in oversized & ill-fitting clothes when there are brands out there catering to this very need. Dressing well is an important factor to the state of one’s mind & mood.

    Mamacouture : A niche fashion maternity & nursing wear brand where clothes are designed incorporating the pregnancy nuances while adding in some fun to bump up the style quotient! The clothes are especially designed to be also worn post-delivery with equal style & comfort, as they have nursing options too and are great for post-partum.

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