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Fashionable nursing on-the-go

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Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience for any mom.  The connect that a mother and child feel at this stage is incomparable.  For a new mom it can become daunting especially when the need arises to feed the baby on the move.  Choosing appropriate clothes to enable breastfeeding easily and quickly which is also comfortable for the child can be quite a task.

Choosing the right clothes will make life easier during the busy days with a new baby - a choice and selection we recommend making before the baby is born.  Nursing wear is specifically designed with front openings to allow the baby to breastfeed easily and comfortably without hassling the mother to find discreet corners to take off their tops or conceal themselves while feeding in public.

Before getting into the specific kinds of clothing articles suited for easy breastfeeding, below are some tips for picking out nursing wear:

  1. Avoid tops and dresses with zips, buttons or any other kind of hooks used for access to the breast. They can scratch or hurt the very delicate and sensitive skin and soft gums of a newborn baby.  Concealed zips can also rub against and scratch the skin of the breastfeeding mother making it an uncomfortable piece of clothing.
  2. Choose smart capes and wraps which can double up as a nursing cover as well as an accessory to the outfit. However, make sure the cloth is of a breathable fabric and isn’t too long as it could get hot and suffocating for the feeding baby under the cover.
  3. Dark and solid covers make for a perfect choice for nursing wear as leak stains arent too visible. Also that they can be accessorized and hence add versatility to the wardrobe is an added advantage!!
  4. The most critical piece of clothing is the nursing bra. Having the right nursing bra can make breastfeeding on-the-go in any outfit absolutely doable!

Breastfeeding while essential shouldn’t limit a mom’s style statement.  With this in mind, one can pick from various types of stylish & practical nursing wear available in the market.

  1. Flap access: In a top or dress with a flap access, the baby can be easily fed on lifting the flap and through the slits provided in the cloth layer beneath the flap. The inner layer of cloth and the top flap cover the feeding baby leading anyone to believe the baby is simply napping in the mother’s arms.  Without too much skin revealing such designs allow for very discreet feeding.  The layers have the added advantage of concealing leaks from engorged breasts
  2. Strappy dresses or tanks: This is a great addition to any nursing wardrobe with its casual chic look while still being practical and super easy option for nursing. With straps that can unclip and pull down like a nursing bra, they allow easy access for breastfeeding the baby comfortably.  Can be worn as is or styled under a cape or shrug adding further variety to the post pregnancy wardrobe.
  3. Front-cross wrap Nursing tops/ dresses: The front-cross wrap style is perfect for on-the-go discreet breastfeeding.  Feel like dressing up a little or want to step out for a party or dinner outing, nursing outfits with the front-cross wrap style is the perfect #OOTD. With easy access to the breast by simply pulling over the front wrap the baby can feed thru the cross-cloth layer underneath. With no skin revealed, this style in our view is the perfect answer for discreet feeding in the most fashionable and chic way.
  4. Pull-down tees/ dresses: Look for tees/ camis or dresses which allow for a neckline access by simply pulling aside the neck or down to reach the breast. Such outfits make for quick and convenient breastfeeding when on the go. A simple wrap over the clothes can provide for discreet nursing.
  5. Button down design or front opening: Simple and an easily available design is the button-down shirt or dress.  Its makes for a convenient opening and one doesn’t need to then restrict themselves to nursing wear only when choosing such styles in their clothes.
  6. Nursing cape: Apart from the nursing styles discussed above, some moms may add on a nursing cover for added privacy while feeding in the presence of another. For this one may choose a traditional cover up/ wrap that can be draped over the chest area while the baby is nursing.  An alternate could be a nursing cape which is worn as a top over whatever one is wearing: a dress, tank or maxis.  The cape is usually designed in a short length enough to cover the baby for discreet feeding while on the move.
  7. Nursing nightwear: Second after the nursing bra, the next most essential item in our view would be purchase of a comfortable nursing nightwear. It’s important to sleep comfortably while having the advantage of feeding the baby in the middle of night easily and effortlessly.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful choice any mother can make for her baby.  That is why a smart nursing wardrobe which supports a mother’s breastfeeding choice is essential to the mother-child journey.

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