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Debunking notions on maternity clothes

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Having been in the maternity clothes space for 4 years now, with the single most objective & passion to dress women during this phase in stylish comfort, at Mamacouture we can safely comment on some of the thoughts (ie read ‘misconceptions’) surrounding owning of maternity clothes, as incorrect.

Some common doubts faced by most about buying maternity clothes that we have heard:

Don’t need them!


While you may get through the initial months with your old pre-pregnancy clothes adjusted and readjusted, as the body approaches the last trimester, a realization dawns that those jeans and oversized tops don’t make the cut anymore and are getting overly stuffy and uncomfortable.

So may as well purchase timely to enjoy the clothes for a longer duration while always staying comfortable.

Will need a whole new wardrobe!

Again...NOT TRUE!!

Every per-pregnancy outfit doesn’t need a maternity version. Pick essential wear and a couple of fancy outfits. Mix and Match them, accessorize and create your own bump style! You can refer to our piece on “Bump Essentials: Tips to Bump start your wardrobe” to get some ideas.

Won’t wear it again

Hmmm...Not True!

You will see yourself in those same maternity clothes for some months post-delivery too as the postpartum body continues to want comfort clothing. Besides many maternity clothes come with nursing options increasing their utility. Maternity clothes are technically designed and made in soft stretchable fabric to allow for the bump’s growth hence a lot of such pieces fall gracefully even over the postpartum body without looking shapeless or oversized.

Maternity clothes are Ugly!

LOL!! It’s obvious that those making this claim haven’t checked out the number of options that maternity wear brands offer for the pregnant and new moms.  Most of these brands offer wide range of options to choose from in style, comfort, occasion dressing etc while also keeping the pregnant mom comfortable. With so many brands in the market today, one can dress up just as chic and classy during pregnancy as they did before, without compromising on their preferred dressing style.

So, if you are pregnant and have been struggling with these thoughts, shed them and go shopping for some cute wardrobe upgrade for yourself.  It’s always fun to dress the bump and curate your very own pregnancy style!

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